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Pickup electr. gitaar Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Open Set

Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Open Set

  • Ontwerp: Humbucker
  • Aantal Snaren: 6-snarig
  • Positie: Nek, Brug
  • Spacing: 50 mm (traditional)
  • Karakter: agressief
  • Aansluitingen: 4-core
  • Magneet: Alnico V
  • Paalstukken: Nikkel schroeven
  • Output: Hot
  • Weerstand Hals: 9.8K Alnico V
  • Weerstand Brug: 15.7 K Alnico V
  • Cover: Open Coils
  • Kleur: Zwart
  • Poten: Kort (1/4")
  • leveringsomvang: Pickups, BKP/Rotosound snaren (10er), D’Andrea BKP Plectrum, Garantiekaart (Lifetime), Wiring diagram, BKP onderzetter, stikkers, Montage-schroeven
  • Bijzonderheden: Kalibriertes Set, handgewickelt

Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Open Set · Pickup electr. gitaar

Bridge Pickup: 15.7 K Alnico V (Ceramic optional)
Neck Pickup: 9.8K Alnico V

Tone: Classic old-school thrash tone with aggressive mids and totally organic tone. Well suited to hot blues and hard rock tones too. Extremely versatile with a good range of clean and driven tones.

Applications: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Thrash & Shred

The perfect synergy of old-school and modern rock tones in a high output humbucker with Alnico V or ceramic options for the bridge pickup.

From hot, fat blues rock through to aggressive thrash, the Nailbomb explodes with a strong and commanding voice. Contemporary players will take advantage of the full bore reaction of the pickup on full tilt; older school players will enjoy the range of classic tones and response using the volume pot to clean up.

The default Alnico V magnet offers up a huge, deep bottom end with rich, throaty mid range and warm highs. The bridge ceramic magnet option adds more output, tightens the bass response and smoothes the mid range slightly with a brighter cut in the high end, whilst retaining the core voice of the humbucker.

The Nailbomb neck humbucker has a woody and bright character when used clean; add overdrive and the tone tightens up for a focused and precise attack.


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