Audio-Technica MBdk7 Drumset

Audio-Technica MBdk7 Drumset, Mic Bundle

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Mic Bundle • Drum Microphone Set • 2 x Audio-Technica MB 4k for overhead and/or HiHat • 4 x Audio-Technica MB 5k for snare drum and tom • 4 x Drum-Mic clamp for tom/snare drum • 1 x Audio-Technica MB 6k for bass drum • 1 x Plastic carrying case • The Audio-Technica Midnight Blues MB DK7 Set is made up us some of Audio-Technica's core microphones and is designed to make the best complete drum kit mic set. 2x MB4K microphones: The Audio Technica MB4K is a cardioid condenser microphone ideal for drum overhead miking with a 80-20,000 Hz frequency response. 4x MB5K microphones: The Audio Technica MB5K is a cardioid dynamic snare / tom microphone. It's frequency response of 100-12,000Hz and cardioid polar pattern, delivers superior off-axis rejection for maximum gain before feedback. 1x MB6K microphones: The Audio Technica MB6K is a cardioid dynamic kick microphone has a frequency response of 60-12,000Hz with the capability to handle high SPLs. It also delivers superior results on a bass drum. 1 x Plastic carrying case Midnight Blues 7 microphones drum pack 500 ohms Impedance Custom engineered for use on snare, toms & kick drums Integral 3-pin gold-plated XLR output connectors Rugged all-metal construction Includes 4 x AT8665 drum-rim microphone mounts Includes 2 x AT8405a stand clamps Durable carry case Velvety Midnight blue finish