Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6, Notation

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Notation • Multi-track tab editor for four-, five- and six-string instruments • Powerful, simple and intuitive editor • Watch and listen to your own tabs • Edit and print in tab and standard notation • Import and export files in MIDI and ASCII format • Transcription of a score in standard notation • Guitar Tools: Chord Diagram Tool, Digital Tuner, Metronome Function, Scales and Scale Selection • Multilingual: 30 languages selectable • Guitar Pro is a tablature editor for guitar and other string instruments. In addition to creating scores, Guitar Pro offers many easy-to-learn features that enable both novice and experienced guitarists to improve their instrumental skills, compose songs for their band, or create a "virtual" band, for example, on multiple tracks, Which provides a solid foundation for practicing. Guitar Pro provides options such as: playback and printing the score, importing and exporting files in MIDI and ASCII format (allowing the user to access countless scores available on the Internet), transposing, transcribing a score into standard notation, and much more. In addition, Guitar Pro provides a variety of useful features: chord diagrams, metronome, tuner, various assistants, etc.
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