American DJ Majestic LED

American DJ Majestic LED, Disco Effect

Item number: 10019881
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Disco Effect • Effect Type: Moonflower • Bulbs: 184 x 5 mm LEDs • DMX channels (modes): 2/8 channel, 2 modes • DMX addressing: DMX-512 • Radiation Angle: 56° • Sound to Light: yes • Master / Slave: yes • Power Consumption: 19W • power connection: Schuko ( German Norm) • Colour Mixing: RGB • Life: 100.000 hours • Size: 542 x 215 x 194 mm • Weight: 5,1 kg • LED DMX-512 Moonflower with 184 razor sharp red, green and blue LEDs • Perfect for effects on the dance floor, for projection on a wall, ceiling or floor • 184 x 5mm LEDs: 64 red, 60 green and 60 blue • 2 DMX Channel Modes (2 or 8 channel mode) • LED DMX display with 4 buttons • Linkable via XLR • Wide Angle • 3 operation modes: DMX, Sound Active, Master / Slave • Sound active from built-in programs • Strobe function • Viewing angle: 56 degrees • 6.4 jack input for optional American DJ UC3 easy controller (not included) • Quick startup. Continuous operation is possible
Includes mounting bracket • Power consumption: 19W max • .
Extreme Long life LEDs (100,000 hr) • Dimensions (LxWxH): 542 x 215 x 194mm • Weight: 5.1 Kg • The Majestic LED by American DJ is a modern LED flower with a total of 184 high power LED`s By the bent arrangement of 4 orifice, cross the beams and thereby create an exciting light show. Especially in master / slave mode, in which multiple devices can be synchronized with each other, the effect of light show comes into its own. A variety of built-in programs is not necessary to program and makes the device ready for use. On the LED display, all functions can easily and intuitively. DMX over a 2 and an 8-channel mode are own programming.
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