American DJ Dual GEM LED

American DJ Dual GEM LED, Disco Effect

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Disco Effect • Effect Type: Moonflower • DMX addressing: no DMX • Sound to Light: yes • Stand Alone Functionality: no • power connection: Schuko ( German Norm) • Colour Mixing: RGB • Life: 100.000 hours • Size: 245 x 275 x 110 mm • Weight: 1,6 kg • LED Dual Lens Moonflower with sharp Red, Green & Blue high output coloured beams • Output similar to dual 250W Halogen lamps • Produces LED patterns that can be projected on a dance floor, ceiling or wall • Wide beam spread covers a large area • Sound active from built-in programs • High output with new lens technology • Very low power consumption • Extreme long lifetime of the LEDs (100,000 hr. rating) • Circuit breaker no need to change fuses -
Extremely Long Life (100,000 hr. rated) • Rich, saturated colours that will not fade • Very low power consumption - connect more units in a single circuit • No moving parts • Runs extremely cool! - NO Duty Cycles! Run all night! • Laser simulated aerial effects • American DJ developed this powerful dual GEM LED moonflower. Due to the high quality components, the powerful LED´s and the in-house designed reflectors, it’s as powerful as a standard 250w halogen moonflower. LED lighting and effects are becoming more and more popular and are superior to traditional halogen equipment in many ways. American DJ is working in LED research and always developing new technologies to improve light-output, performance and effects. The use of LED´s as a light source has opened endless possibility’s that would never have been possible with halogen light sources. Advantages of American DJ LED effects:
  • Extremely long life of up to 100.000 hours/*]
  • Very low power consumption. Many devices can be run on one phase.
  • Very low heat development, no more problems with continuous operation.
  • Razor sharp beams
  • New lens technology
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