Allen & Heath ZED-22-FX

Allen & Heath ZED-22-FX, Mixer

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Mixer • Main Feature: 20 Channel console • Inputs: 16 x Mic/Line Inputs and 3 Stereo inputs • Inserts: For mono channels • EQ Mono / Stereo channel: 3-Band, semi-parametric mid / 2 band fix • AUX send/stereo return: 2 x pre, 2 x post / 1 • Sub groups: 0 • Channel volume control: 100mm fader • Outputs: Main mix out/balanced: XLR • Effects: Digital Effects processor • Features: USB connection for simple stereo recordings • External Dimensions: 645 x 465 x 95 mm •
    22-channel Mixer with 16 Mic/Line Channels, 3 Stereo Channels, 16 Built-in Effects, USB, and SONAR LE Recording Software - Mac/PC • The 22-channel Allen & Heath XED22 FX mixer features 16 mic/line inputs and three dual stereo channels, a USB audio connection for recording plus a free copy of SONAR LE recording software for PC, four aux sends, 1 and 2 are prefade, 3 and 4 are post fade. High-quality DuoPre microphone preamplifiers provide huge 69dB gain range. Musical 3-band EQ on 16 main channels, 2-band EQ on the stereo channels. Three switches for varying your send/return configurations for recording. Send a stereo signal from the auxes via USB to your computer, so you can create two separate record feeds that are totally independent of the main L/R mix. The ZED-22 FX is Mac and PC compatible. Three send/return configurations for recording, playback, and external FX. 16 separate effects are included in the Allen and Heath ZED-22 FX mixer including delays, reverbs, a ping-pong delay, reverbs with different room/hall/arena properties, flanger and chorus. Every effect has a parameter you can adjust to dial in your sound and five of the effects support tap tempo.
      Channels: 22 Microphone Preamp Inputs: 16 x XLR Line Inputs: 6 x 1/4" CH 1-6, 6 x 1/4" CH 17-22 Stereo Main Outputs: 2 x XLR Main, 1 x 1/4" Mono Other Outputs: 2 x RCA ALT, 2 x RCA REC, Headphones 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" Send/Return Inputs/Outputs: 3 x 1/4", 2 x RCA ST RTN, 2 x RCA 2TRK RTN Phantom Power: Yes CH 1-16 EQ Bands: 3-band, Sweepable Mid CH 1-16, 2-band CH 17-22 Stereo Aux Sends: 2 x Pre, 1 x Post, 1 x FX Post / Channel Busses/Groups: Alt Faders: 22 x 100mm Channel Inserts: CH 1-16 Effects: 16 built-in effects, including delays, reverbs, flange, and chorus Computer Connection: USB audio connection for recording
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