Alesis DM8 USB Kit

Alesis DM8 USB Kit, Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Drum Kit • Display: LCD • Sounds: 750 Dynamic Articulation Alesis Sounds • Drum Kits User: 100 • Drum Kits Presets: 100, all editable • Trigger inputs: 9 + HiHat controller in • Line in: Yes • MIDI: In • Outputs: L/R Stereo Jack, headphones • Special Features: PC port via USB-To-Host • Accessories: AC Adapter •
    High-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation sounds • RealHead pads with tension-adjustable drumheads and triple-flanged hoops • Dual-zone 12" snare plus 8", 10", 12" toms • Kick pad works with single and double pedals • Large 16" triple-zone ride, large 14" crash with choke • Continuous hi-hat control • StageRack with four-post design and integrated boom cymbal arms • Kick pedal not included • The affordable Alesis DM8 Pro Kit electronic drum set offers four RealHead pads for a natural playing, and the high-definition drum module offers over 750 Dynamic Articulation sounds. This full-sized kit includes a snare, three toms, a kick pad (which works with both single and double kick pedals), a large crash, a ride cymbal, and continuous hi-hat control. You get a huge array of fantastic drum sounds, outstanding playing feel, and a great value in the DM8 Pro Kit! The Alesis DM 8 Pro Kit consists of:
      1 x DM8 Drum Module 1 x Drum-Pad Snare 3 x Drum-Pad Tom-Toms 1 x Kick-Pad 1 x HiHat-Pad 1 x Crash Cymbal-Pad 1 x Ride Cymbal-Pad 1 x HiHat Control Pedal 1 x DM Rack including clip and cymbal holder 1 x Harness 1 x Drum tuning key 1 x Power adapter 1 x DM8 manual 1 x Installation manual