Alesis DM Dock Pro Kit

Alesis DM Dock Pro Kit, Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Drum Kit • Display: iPad • Sounds: Every app, including GarageBand • Drum Kits Presets: Supports almost any application, including GarageBand • Trigger inputs: 13 individual 6,3 mm TRS trigger inputs for connecting drum and Cymbalpads or other trigger sources • Line in: 3,5 mm input for external audio sources • MIDI: In/out • Outputs: 6,3 mm headphone output with volume control, Balanced 6,3 mm stereo output, USB MIDI port for connecting to a Mac or PC • Special Features: Connects to your iPad via the new Apple Lightning connector • iPad-based 6-piece Electronic Drum Kit with 5 x RealHead Pads, 4 x Cymbals, 1 x Bass Trigger, a Hi-hat Trigger, and an Alesis DM Dock • Features Apple's 8-pin Lightning connector. Therefore, it requires an iPad 4 or later to operate • Delivered without iPad • Alesis's DM Dock Pro Kit lets you use your iPad as the drum module of this electronic drum kit. Plug an iPad 4 or later via Apple's Lightning connector into the included DM Dock and start playing. The DM Dock Pro Kit includes five RealHead pads including 1 x 12-inch snare, 2 x 12-inch toms, 2 x 10-inch toms, four cymbals including 1 x 12-inch hi-hat, 1 x 16-inch 3-zone ride, 2 x 14-inch crash, StealthKick 2 compact kick trigger and a Pro X Kick pedal. RealHead drum pads are dual-zone pads that incorporate mylar drumheads and triple-flanged counterhoops for realistic acoustic drum feel. The electronic drum kit is delivered with chrome-plated 4-post rack and adjustable snare stand. The DM DOCK iPad integrated drum module is compatible with GarageBand and virtually all other Core MIDI apps. The Alesis DM Dock iPad-based drum module features 13 x 1/4-inch TRS drum trigger inserts. Dual-zone pads, 3-zone cymbals, continuous controller hats, and multiple chokes are supported. Along side the trigger inputs, the DM Dock includes a 1/4-inch headphone jack, an 1/8-inch input for connecting external audio sources, and balanced 1/4-inch stereo outputs for going to stereo monitors, the PA, or to a recorder. Connect the DM Dock to MIDI devices or your computer with 5-pin and USB MIDI Input/Output. An assignable footswitch input can be used to switch between kits, tap in a click, or start and stop sequences.
  • Run electronic drums directly from your iPad with the Alesis DM Dock
  • DM Dock drum module with Apple's 8-pin Lightning connector for iPad
  • RealHead drum pads offer a natural feel and dual-zone triggering
  • Chrome-plated drum rack
  • 1 x DM Dock Drum Module for iPad
  • 1 x 12-inch RealHead Snare-Dual-Zone Drumpad with Natural Feel
  • 2 x 12-inch RealHead Dual-Zone Tompads with Natural Feel
  • 2 x 10-inch RealHead Dual-Zone Tompads with Natural Feel
  • 1 x StealthKick 2 compact kick trigger
  • 1 x Pro X kick pedal
  • 1 x 12-inch HiHat-Pad
  • 1 x 16-inch 3-zone Ride-Cymbal-Pad
  • 2 x 14-inch Crash-Cymbal-Pad
  • 1 x Snare stand
  • 1 x Chrome-plated 4-post drum rack