AKG SR4000

AKG SR4000, Single Components

Item number: 2702404
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Single Components • UHF receiver • The new SR 4000 receiver combines maximum ease of use with state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of functions. Many of its features were never before available or limited to very expensive alternatives. Being capable of an accurate battery life readout, the SR 4000 provides yet another advantage. The battery status data is transmitted by a pilot tone to the receiver which then displays the remaining battery life in hours. The pilot tone is also responsible for displaying and detecting other important system information such as the current position of the MUTE switch on the transmitter itself. The integrated software does not only execute an automatic setup or frequence scanning but also allows remote control and monitoring from a PC. Using the MSC 4000 Mission Control Software, which can be purchased additionally, makes both the set up and monitoring of complex systems incredibly easy. A "logic output" enables remote control of particular functions on external devices, e.g. an automatic microphone mixer. Both the large, backlit display and the log wheel increase ease of use and a programmable warning light enables you to monitor the most important system parameters. The 30 MHz wide UHF band provides several frequencies preset with up to 24 intermodulation-free subchannels plus a maximum number of 1200 selectable frequencies. The SR 4000 comes in a 1/2 19" full-metal case and is the most compact, reliable and powerful UHF receiver in this price class.

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