AKG D7-S, Microphone

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Microphone • Vocal Microphone • Type: Handheld Microphone • Transducer principle: Dynamic • Pickup pattern: Supercardioid • Frequency range: 70 Hz - 20 kHz • Max. SPL: 147 dB • Open circuit sensitivity: 2,6 mV/Pa • Features: Hum compensating coil • Including: Incl. bag, clamp, reserve windscreen • The AKG D7 S is a dynamic reference microphone for vocal- and speech usage. These microphones offer the best sound quality for singers and speakers for live- and studio-usage. Thanks to the patented AKG Laminat Varimotion Membran-Technology the D7 S offers a natural sound for every human voice. The microphone has different membrane coats and forces. The new Laminat Varimotion Cupping Process makes it possible to precede the acoustic fine tuning directly at the membrane capsule without mechanical tuning resonators. The result is a quantum leap in sound pleasure! In spite of the very fine grid cap and the noble design, the D7 S is a long-life and reliable microphone especially for the requirements of live-musicians. A hum bucking coil directly above the metalised dust protector guarantees insensitivity against EMV interspersion, the new dimensional interior foam keeps wind noise out. The AKG logo on the microphone handle also lifts the value of the product. “We developed the D7 S microphones for singers who want something special and exclusive. Due to a new developed and very precise, metalised dust protector on the capsule which enables consistent voice-over our new microphone has a very fine sound which can only be heard with a condense microphone”, explains Thomas Umbauer, product manager by AKG Acoustics.