Akai MPD32

Akai MPD32, MIDI Controller

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MIDI Controller • USB MIDI MPC Pad Controller • 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads in MPC 2500 style • 4 selectable pad banks for a total of 64 pads • 16 level and full-level functions like an MPC • MIDI syncronable note repeat feature with swing and time dimension • 3 banks with 8 free assignable 45mm-faders for transmitting MIDI CC-data • 3 banks with 8 frei assignable 360° controllers • transport controllers - REW-, FF-, STOP-, PLAY- and REC-knobs for transmitting MMC or MIDI CC-data to their DAW/sequence software • Easy readable LCD-display - non-cryptic 7 segment indication • MIDI and/or USB-system • USB energy supply (optional: AC-net-adapter) • Editor Librarian Software for MAC and PC delivered • The best performances require a well-balanced hardware design. Therefore the MPD 32 offers the legendary feeling of MPC-pads, to enable the accentuated and exact import of drum tracks. The 16 touch sensitive and pressure dynamic pads can be transmitted to four pad banks and addresse 64 different sounds. The pads not only transmit channel pressure or polyphonic data, but also can be programmed individually to transmit note or programme exchange information. Individual pads can be operated in the "momentary" modus or can be assigned in the on/off modus. 3 control banks for 360° controllers, faders and knobs 3 selectable banks for eight free assignable 360° controllers, eight faders and eight knobs enable the access to 72 MIDI control parametres. The preview function avoids leaps. In addition a foot pedal and an expression pedal can be attached to the rear-side of the controller. Application The MPD 32 mostly explains itsself. Probably you won´t even need the handbook to understand all of the functions of the controller. MPC-typical functions like note repeat, 16-level, and full-level have their own knobs. In the large display the MPD32-status can be checked. The indication also helps you to programme your own controller assignment. A large number of the 30 presets in the appliance are preconfigurated ex works for the most popular software programmes. Thanks to the enclosed VYZEX editor software for MAC and PC and the self-explanatory edit function, the adjustment of the preset is just a matter of taste. USB Computer and MIDI Interface The MPD32 enables you to operate software synthesizers and DAWs in no time. The controller communicates with extern MIDI equipment through conventional MIDI-plug-ins. The computer installation is simple, as the controller uses the system-own drivers (MAC OS X and WINDOWS XP/Vista) and there is no need to install special drivers. The MIDI in- and output of the MPD32 function in the USB system as an additional MIDI interface for your computer.