Akai MPD26

Akai MPD26, MIDI Controller

Item number: 10020630
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MIDI Controller • Faders: 6 • Knobs: 6 • Transport function: yes • Connections: USB and MIDI • Bus Powered: yes • Special Features: 16 velocity and pressure sensitive MPC pads • Accessories: USB cable, Ableton LiveLite, Editor software • Pad controller • USB Pad Controller with 16 Pads, Six Knobs, Six Faders, Dedicated Transport Controls, and MPC Groove Technology • The Akai MPD26 MIDI controller combines MPC functions including Note Repeat, Swing, 16 Level sensitivity, and Full Level sensitivity with Q-Link knobs and faders plus an easy-to-read backlit screen. The MPD26 provides 16 MPC pads, plus dedicated transport controls that transmit MMC and MIDI to DAW and sequencing software. Control bothe hardware and software via MIDI-over-USB and traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI with the MPD26. Access four different sounds from each of the MPD26's sixteen velocity-sensitive MPC pads, a total of 64 options. The MPD26 also features six assignable Q-Link fader and knob controllers which enable you to control software parameters in real time. The MPD26 also includes a dedicated set of transport controls for the most commonly used DAW or sequencing-software controls. The MPD26 sends MIDI over its plug-and-play USB interface so you can use it with your Mac or PC without installing any drivers. The USB powers the MPD26 so the included USB cable is all you need. The MPD26 also has 5-pin DIN MIDI input and output jacks so you can use it with MIDI hardware, synths and sound modules. The MPD26 comes with Ableton Live Lite and an editor/librarian program so you can start creating right out of the box.
  • Access 64 samples on 16 pressure and velocity-sensitive MPC pads with four banks each
  • MPC include Note Repeat, Swing, 16 Level, Full Level, and Tap Tempo
  • Control 12 software parameters on assignable Q-Link knobs and faders
  • Dedicated transport controls send MMC and MIDI to DAW and sequencing applications
  • MIDI output over USB and DIN MIDI I/O for controlling software and hardware
  • Backlit easy-to-read screen
  • USB bus powered
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite and Editor Librarian software