Active Monitor ADAM A3XActive Monitor ADAM A3X (2)


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  • Main Feature: Desktop monitor
  • Technology: 2-Way active
  • Components: 4,5" Carbon fibre TT; X-Art HT
  • Amplifier output per channel: 25 + 25 watts
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 60 Hz - 51 kHz
  • Analog inputs: XLR and RCA
  • Special Features: X-A.R.T. tweeter
  • External Dimensions: 252 x 150 x 185 mm
  • Weight per speaker: 4,6 kg
  • Magnetically shielded: No
  • Optional Subwoofer: ADAM Sub 10 MKII, Sub 8, Sub 7
  • Price & packaging unit: 1 Piece
  • Bi-amped 2-way active desktop monitor speaker with X-Art ribbon tweeter and 4.5-inch carbon fiber woofer
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ADAM A3X · Active Monitor

The ADAM A3X 2-way studio monitor is ADAM Audio's smallest studio monitor and is suited for audio environments where space is limited but sound must not be. The A3X features an X-ART tweeter for the higher frequencies and a 4.5-inch basket driver for low frequencies. The woofer cone is made from light but very stiff carbon fiber. Two built-in 25-Watt amplifiers power each of the drivers directly. The front of the ADAM A3X features dual ports for low frequency response down to 60Hz. The front panel includes power and gain controls. The rear panel includes a tweeter gain control as well as balanced XLR jacks and unbalanced RCA jacks.

Stereolink features a pair of additional RCA connections that allow control of the overall stereo volume of the system from either speaker's gain control. A great way to control system volume in "mixer-less" DAW applications

  • X-ART tweeter and a carbon fiber cone 4.5-inch basket driver woofer

  • Suited for monitoring environments where space is limited
  • Dual ports provide extended low frequency response down to 60Hz
  • Two built-in 25-Watt amplifiers
  • Tweeter gain control
  • Balanced XLR jacks and unbalanced RCA jacks
  • Stereolink stereo volume control

Active Monitor · ADAM A3X

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