Yamaha SS662

Yamaha SS662, Snare Stand

Item number: 4401557
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Snare Stand • Snare sizes: 12" (30,48 cm) • Strain system: knurled nut • Joints: catch joint • Braces: Single • Snarestand from Yamaha 600 SS652 The slightly smaller cradle is suitable for today´s popular 12" snare drum. Features: Available Height Range: 43 ~ 62 cm 3 Rubber Arms (for 12" Snare Drum) 3 Single Braced Legs Snare stands Yamaha’s snare drum stands include the beginner 600 series, budget 700 and professional 800 and 900 series. The 600 and 700 series have single-braced tripod bases while the 800 and 900 have double-braced tripods. All stands have extra-large rubber feet except the SS650 and SS652 which have normal sized rubber feet. The SS652 has a slightly smaller cradle suitable for today’s popular 12” snare drums. The SS840 stand has a new snare basket design which is not offset from the centre. It therefore lessens the effect of vibration leading to the stand shifting during performance. At the top of the range is the SS940 which has a revolutionary four arm cradle. This makes positioning of the drum easier and eliminates the familiar problem of the arms getting in the way of the snare strainer. The SS940 also makes use of our original ball-clamp tilter design for quicker, more flexible adjustment.