Yamaha MG 124 CX

Yamaha MG 124 CX, Mixer

Item number: 100039313
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Mixer • Main Feature: Compact mixer • Inputs: 4 x microphone XLR / line jack 4 x stereo line jack • Inserts: For mono channels • EQ Mono / Stereo channel: 3 Band fix / 3 band fix & 2 band fix • AUX send/stereo return: 1 x pre, 1 x post / 1 • Sub groups: 1 x Stereo • Channel volume control: 60mm fader • Outputs: Main-mix-out/­balanced.: XLR & jack • Effects: 24 Bit digital multi effect with 16 presets • Features: Compressor in the mono channels • Dimensions: 346,2 x 86,1 x 436,6 mm • 12-channel/4-bus Analog Mixer with Built-in FX • The Yamaha MG124cx mixer has a total of 12 input channels, four mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs. Two of the stereo line inputs can also function as mono microphone inputs, giving up to six simultaneous mono microphone inputs. Gain trim covers a wide -60dB ~ -16dB range for microphone input, and -34dB ~ +10dB for line input. In addition to the main stereo bus the MG124cx features a stereo group bus and outputs that can be used for channel grouping. Assign switches for the stereo and group buses are located next to each channel fader. The MG124cx has pre/post switchable AUX sends on all channels as well as Effect send controls that adjust the level of the signal sent to the mixers internal multi-effect system. Master send controls are also provided, as are Return level controls for the Aux and Stereo busses Channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5/6, and 7/8 feature full 3-band equalizers with LOW, MID, and HIGH controls, while 9/10 and 11/12 have 2-band EQ for equalization of stereo sources. The MG124cx feature Yamahas one-knob compression feature on mono input channels 1 through 4. Conventional audio compressors with threshold, ratio, knee, makeup gain and other controls can be complex and time-consuming to set appropriately for a given source. Yamahas one-knob compressor eliminates the complexity with a single control that lets you simply dial in the amount of compression.
    Channels: 12 Inputs Mic Preamps: 4 x XLR CH 1-4, 2 x XLR CH 5-8 Stereo Inputs Line: 4 x 1/4" CH 1-4, 4 x 1/4" CH 5-8 Stereo, 4 x 1/4", RCA CH 9-12 Stereo, 2 x RCA 2TR Main Outputs: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" Other Outputs: Other 2 x 1/4" Group, 2 x 1/4" Monitor, 2 x RCA REC Headphones: 1 x 1/4" Send/Return I/O: 1 x 1/4" Aux, 1 x 1/4" FX, 2 x 1/4" Return Phantom Power: 6 CH 1-4, 5/6, 7/8 EQ Bands: 3-band CH 1-5, 5/6, 7/8, 2-band CH 9-12 Stereo Aux Sends: 1 x Pre/Post, 1 x FX Busses/Groups: Group 1-2 Faders: 11 x 60mm Channel Inserts: CH 1-4 Effects: Compressor on CH 1-4, 5/6, 7/8, and Global FX