Yamaha FG720S BL

Yamaha FG720S BL, Acoustic Guitar

Item number: 100019675
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Acoustic Guitar • Strings: 6 string • Body Shape: Dreadnought • Cutaway: No • Construction / Acoustic: Partly Solid (Front) • Colour / Finish: Black • Finish: High Gloss • Top: Sitka Spruce • Back / Sides: Nato • Neck: Nato • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Dots • Nut Width: 43 mm • Bridge: Rosewood • Tuning Machines: Chrome • The heritage of Yamaha acoustic guitars begins with the FG line of acoustic guitars. The Yamaha FG720S dreadnought is a great entry level acoustic guitar with deluxe features including die-cast tuners, solid sitka spruce top, and a rosewood fingerboard. New for 2005, the FG720S features include solid spruce tops, die-cast chrome hardware and a unique, non-scalloped X-bracing. Non-scallop X-type bracing delivers deep lows full of presence typical of the Yamaha sound, and a clear upper end. Response is clear and tight. An inverted L-block, a technology used in the Yamaha LL6, creates a tighter connection between the body and the neck, and also provides a deeper, fuller low end. Compared to a typical dreadnought, the FG720S acoustic "Jumbo" bodies are slightly thinner in width. Besides making them easier to hold and play, their smaller body mass offers faster response and a brighter tone.

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