Yamaha CL940B

Yamaha CL940B, Tom Mount

Item number: 4401109
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Tom Mount • Subcategory: single tom holder • Ball joint: Yes • Tom arm: short edition • Tom support: 6-edged • additional cymbal adaption: No • Special Features: Short holding side • Yamaha CL940A with ball clamp and short pipe Tom Holders Yamaha offers a choice of seven tom-tom holders which can accommodate single, double or triple tom mounts or cymbal arms. Holders have either short lateral arms (for use with our YESS mounting system), or longer arms which penetrate the tom-tom shell. Additionally, the single mounts are available with short vertical pipes, or longer pipes for extra positional reach. The hard synthetic resin ball is clamped by a quick turn of the large wing bolt. The wing bolt screws down onto a steel retaining plate which grips firmly while eliminating wear to the ball itself. The hexagonal arms eliminate slippage, while the memory clamps ensure speed of set-up. Yamaha´s ball and clamp system is relatively lightweight, offers maximum angle setting with 100% reliability and simple one-touch operation. Ball Mount & Clamp The Yamaha original ball mount and clamp offers exceptional flexibility in mounting angles. Using a hard synthetic resin ball and a die-cast serrated joint, this clamp maintains any position accuracy. A unique reteining plate design provides increased traction and easy adjustment while eliminating wear to the ball itself. It also offers maximum angle setting possibilities with quick and simple one-touch operation.