Vox VX-VFS2, Footswitch

Item number: 3024003
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Footswitch • Dual Footswitch for Vox V-Series Pathfinder and Cambridge Amplifiers • Works with VOX Valvetronics VT and Valvetronics XL • Works with AD15/30/50/100VT, AD100VTH • Dual footswitch for Remote control of Boost and Trem • The VOX VFS2 is a foot switch controller for VOX Valvetronix amps, Pathfinder 15R, AD15VT, AD30VT, AD50VT and the AD100VT. Also the VOX VR15 and VR30 Valve Reactor amps. The VOX VFS2 footswitch lets you switch programs (CH1 or CH2) in Manual mode or bypass the effect you have dialed in in Effect Bypass mode. Alternatively, you can choose to have the footswitch activate Manual mode instead of Effect Bypass, which gives you handsfree switching between three different sounds (the two user programs and the Manual settings) for convenience during a live performance. Dual footswitch for Pathfinder & Cambridge range. Hi-quality durable all-metal construction. Manual mode switches between two user programs and Manual settings. Effect bypass mode bypasses effects.