Tama Starclassic SCS1455H

Tama Starclassic SCS1455H, Snare drum

Item number: 100015924
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Snare drum • Shell Diameter: 14" (35,56 cm) • Cup Depth: 5-1/2" (13,97 cm) • Shell Material: Copper • Shell surface: Polished • Rims: Cast • Tuning screws: 10 • Hardware: Brushed Nickel • Colour / Finish: Antique plated finish • Subcategory: Copper drum • New Tama G-Shell Copper Snare Come over to the dark side! Tama´s new Starclassic Copper snare offers a 5 1/2 x 14" 1.5 mm thick copper shell for a sound that´s both dark and loud. Dark and loud are usually considered mutually exclusive term. However, the combination of copper and a thick ´G shell´ gives the limited edition snare both deep rich dark tones and strong projection. Tama´s Starclassic Drums were originally designed with thin, resonant shells. Starclassic maple snares with thicker G-shells (as in "G-force") were added for drummers who wanted stronger projection that a thicker shell affords. In addition to the regular projection thick maple shells, Tama has offered limited edition Starclassic snares with thicker metal shells such as the new copper model. The Starclassic SCS1455H features an antique plated finish, brushed nickel shell hardware and brushed nickel die-cast hoops. Specifications: 1.5 mm copper 5 1/2 x 14" shell Antique plated finish Brushed nickel shell hardware Brushed nickel die-cast hoops MSL-SCT Starclassic lugs MUS80A Strainer MUS80B Butt MS42R14S 42-strand snappy snare

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