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Sonor Artist AS 12 1406 CM SDWD « Snare drumSonor Artist AS 12 1406 CM SDWD, Snare drum€ 999,-* Sonor SSD10 Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum « Snare drumSonor SSD10 Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum, Snare drum€ 799,-* Sonor DP 472 R « Bassdrum PedalSonor DP 472 R, Bassdrum Pedal€ 249,-* Sonor Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer « Bassdrum PedalSonor Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer, Bassdrum Pedal€ 269,-* Sonor AXP 1,1 Pao Rosa « XylophoneSonor AXP 1,1 Pao Rosa, Xylophone€ 429,-* Sonor NG30 « ChimesSonor NG30, Chimes€ 79,-* Sonor 4000 DCS 4000 « Cymbal StandSonor 4000 DCS 4000, Cymbal Stand€ 198,-* Sonor Global Percussion CG HD 8N « HanddrumSonor Global Percussion CG HD 8N, Handdrum€ 16,10* Sonor HH 684 MC « Hi-Hat StandSonor HH 684 MC, Hi-Hat Stand€ 398,-* Sonor 80208503 « Replacement UnitSonor 80208503, Replacement Unit€ 3,-* Sonor Artist AS 12 1405 BG SDBD « Snare drumSonor Artist AS 12 1405 BG SDBD, Snare drum€ 1.099,-* Sonor Global Beat Alt AXCB F « XylophoneSonor Global Beat Alt AXCB F, Xylophone€ 399,-* Sonor NG31 « ChimesSonor NG31, Chimes€ 115,-* Sonor MPS « Percussion standSonor MPS, Percussion stand€ 133,-* Sonor Special Edition Martini SSE 14 « Drum KitSonor Special Edition Martini SSE 14, Drum Kit€ 539,-* Sonor SS 4000 « Snare StandSonor SS 4000, Snare Stand€ 99,-* Sonor THM1410 « Marching BagSonor THM1410, Marching Bag€ 49,-* Sonor 73301071 « Percussion HeadSonor 73301071, Percussion Head€ 108,-* Sonor Artist AS12 1305 EA SDW « Snare drumSonor Artist AS12 1305 EA SDW, Snare drum€ 849,-* Sonor B Line MB2612CW #weiß « Marching BassdrumSonor B Line MB2612CW #weiß, Marching Bassdrum€ 849,-* Sonor KSP60 X FIS « Chime BarsSonor KSP60 X FIS, Chime Bars€ 139,-* Sonor Palisono NKS100PO-CIS « Chime BarsSonor Palisono NKS100PO-CIS, Chime Bars€ 489,-* Sonor Palisono NKS100PO-DIS « Chime BarsSonor Palisono NKS100PO-DIS, Chime Bars€ 489,-* Sonor Primary Line KSP60 X B « Chime BarsSonor Primary Line KSP60 X B, Chime Bars€ 209,-* Sonor ProLite PL 12 Stage 2 Creme White « Drum KitSonor ProLite PL 12 Stage 2 Creme White, Drum Kit€ 2.349,-* Sonor SKM2 « MetallophonSonor SKM2, Metallophon€ 196,-* Sonor SKX20 « XylophoneSonor SKX20, Xylophone€ 369,-* Sonor SP 473 « Bassdrum PedalSonor SP 473, Bassdrum Pedal€ 79,-* Sonor Martini SSE 13 Turquois Galaxy Sparkle « Drum KitSonor Martini SSE 13 Turquois Galaxy Sparkle, Drum Kit€ 399,-* Sonor B Line MB455M « Marching SnareSonor B Line MB455M, Marching Snare€ 349,-* Sonor GS Kinderglockenspiel « ChimesSonor GS Kinderglockenspiel, Chimes€ 25,-* Sonor 100 HH 100 « Hi-Hat StandSonor 100 HH 100, Hi-Hat Stand€ 79,-* Sonor 4000 MSH 4000 « Snare StandSonor 4000 MSH 4000, Snare Stand€ 119,-* Sonor B Line MB2614B CB Black Edition « Marching BassdrumSonor B Line MB2614B CB Black Edition, Marching Bassdrum€ 869,-* Sonor BWG Boomwhacker « ChimesSonor BWG Boomwhacker, Chimes€ 29,-* Sonor L2621 Mexican « GuiroSonor L2621 Mexican, Guiro€ 24,50* Sonor Professional Line MP1410CW « Parade SnareSonor Professional Line MP1410CW, Parade Snare€ 749,-* Sonor SBDM60 « Marching SchlägelSonor SBDM60, Marching Schlägel€ 41,90* Sonor SCH15 « Orff SchlägelSonor SCH15, Orff Schlägel€ 43,-* Sonor SCH5 « Orff SchlägelSonor SCH5, Orff Schlägel€ 26,-* Sonor SG Kinderglockenspiel « ChimesSonor SG Kinderglockenspiel, Chimes€ 35,-* Sonor ZM6515 Kniebügel « Marching AccessoriesSonor ZM6515 Kniebügel, Marching Accessories€ 45,-* Sonor 2000 HS 200 « Hardware SetSonor 2000 HS 200, Hardware Set€ 419,-* Sonor 4000 DT 4000 « Drum ThroneSonor 4000 DT 4000, Drum Throne€ 169,-* Sonor Dämpfungsfilz « Drum head accessoriesSonor Dämpfungsfilz, Drum head accessories€ 5,80* Sonor Global Percussion CG THD 8 N « HanddrumSonor Global Percussion CG THD 8 N, Handdrum€ 23,80* Sonor GTR15 « TriangleSonor GTR15, Triangle€ 9,-* Sonor KS40Lfis1 « Chime BarsSonor KS40Lfis1, Chime Bars€ 36,-* Sonor NG11 « ChimesSonor NG11, Chimes€ 69,-* Sonor Powertragegurt PG 6560 S-M « Drum StrapsSonor Powertragegurt PG 6560 S-M, Drum Straps€ 69,-* Sonor Powertragegurt PG 6561 L-XL « Drum StrapsSonor Powertragegurt PG 6561 L-XL, Drum Straps€ 69,-* Sonor SCH16 « Orff SchlägelSonor SCH16, Orff Schlägel€ 43,-* Sonor SCH2 « Orff SchlägelSonor SCH2, Orff Schlägel€ 9,90* Sonor SCH50 « Orff SchlägelSonor SCH50, Orff Schlägel€ 26,-* Sonor 2000 MBS 2000 « Cymbal StandSonor 2000 MBS 2000, Cymbal Stand€ 89,-* Sonor BOST Bongostativ « Percussion standSonor BOST Bongostativ, Percussion stand€ 45,30* Sonor CAB MI « Percussion BagSonor CAB MI, Percussion Bag€ 23,80* Sonor DK5072 « Tuning KeySonor DK5072, Tuning Key€ 4,50* Sonor Global GTR20 « TriangleSonor Global GTR20, Triangle€ 10,-* Sonor Glockenspieltasche B11 « Percussion BagSonor Glockenspieltasche B11, Percussion Bag€ 10,90*


Sonor has been dedicated to the development of drums and other percussion instruments on a scientific research level for centuries. The cooperation of international research institutes, well known musicologists and leading musicians from all genres create the foundations for this work. With this know how it’s possible to e.g. optimise the resonance of drums. In the wide field of percussion and marching percussion, such as Glockenspiel, xylophones and metallophones Sonor has always been an innovation leader. Sonor drums and percussion are always found in top positions of magazine tests.

In the year 1875 Johannes Link, a trained wood turner and tanner, started a small workshop for simple military drums and drum heads in Weißenfels an der Saale in East Germany. From these modest beginnings developed a flourishing business, which at the turn of the century already offered a comprehensive range of percussion instruments.

In 1907 the Sonor trademark was registered with the Imperial Patent Office. Around 1925 Sonor had 145 employees and was one of the largest businesses of its kind.

After the end of World War II the East German Government expropriated the Link Family and Sonor became a state owned enterprise. But already in 1946 a new company was established by the son of the founder, Otto Link, and his son Horst. This time the location was Aue in Westphalia/West Germany

The very wide product range includes : drums (Sonor SQ2 Drum System, Sonor Designer, Sonor Delite und Sonor Snare Drums), concert & marching (Sonor B-Line, Sonor Professional Line and Sonor Concert Line), percussion (Sonor African Drums, Sonor Congas & Bongos and Sonor Frame Drums & Tambourines) and Orff-instruments (Sonor Glockenspiels, Sonor Xylophone, Sonor Bass Drums)

Today Sonor has evolved into a modern enterprise with its focus on the international markets though latest technology has found its entry into Sonor production methods, the secret of the Sonor sound remains. It lies in the meticulous attention to even the smallest detail and the commitment of its founder to always maintain the highest possible level of quality.
As the first music instrument maker Sonor was awarded Germanys highest design prize the „Bundespreis Design“in 1994.
Today, thanks to the consequent know how transfer and a global mentality, Sonor quality is manufactured in Germany, Italy and China. The demanding standards are met by quality monitoring by German Sonor experts. Das internationale Vertriebsnetz von Sonor kann dadurch Instrumente mit exzellentem Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis in nahezu alle Länder der Welt liefern.