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Wireless Systems Shure BLX24RE/B58-S8 B-Stock, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJShure BLX24RE/B58-S8 B-Stock, Wireless Systems € 449,-* Multi-Effects Alesis MidiVerb 4 B-Stock, PA/Studio-Peripherie, PA/DJAlesis MidiVerb 4 B-Stock, Multi-Effects € 165,-* Guitar Amp Head Randall RD20H Head, Amps, Guitar/BassRandall RD20H Head, Guitar Amp Head € 419,-* Stage Piano Dexibell Vivo P3, Digital Pianos, KeyboardDexibell Vivo P3, Stage Piano € 1.450,-* Electric Guitar Case Rockcase Standard RC10619B, Bags and Cases, Guitar/BassRockcase Standard RC10619B, Electric Guitar Case € 95,-* Strobe Light Cameo Thunder Wash 600 RGB, Light effects, Light & StageCameo Thunder Wash 600 RGB, Strobe Light € 245,-* In-Ear Monitoring System Shure SE425-V-E, In Ear Monitoring, PA/DJShure SE425-V-E, In-Ear Monitoring System € 250,-* Drum Kit DW Performance White Marine Pearl, Drums, Drums/PercussionDW Performance White Marine Pearl, Drum Kit € 1.449,-* Guitar Amp Koch Amps Classictone II 20, Amps, Guitar/BassKoch Amps Classictone II 20, Guitar Amp € 1.249,-* Guitar Effect Lovepedal Jubilee, Effects, Guitar/BassLovepedal Jubilee, Guitar Effect € 235,-* Mini Amp Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp, Amps, Guitar/BassBlackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp, Mini Amp € 55,-* Transverse Flute Pearl Quantz PF-665 E, Transverse Flutes, Brass & WoodwindPearl Quantz PF-665 E, Transverse Flute € 959,-* DJ-Controller Reloop Terminal Mix 8, DJ Equipment, PA/DJReloop Terminal Mix 8, DJ-Controller € 549,-* Synthesizer Yamaha Montage 7, Synthesizer/Sampler, KeyboardYamaha Montage 7, Synthesizer € 3.499,-* Set Cameo Multi PAR 3, Light Sets, Light & StageCameo Multi PAR 3, Set € 529,-* Instrument Case MLCases 88 Tasten PROFI, Keyboards/Organ, KeyboardMLCases 88 Tasten PROFI, Instrument Case € 199,-* Instrument Case MLCases Roland Fantom-X7, Keyboards/Organ, KeyboardMLCases Roland Fantom-X7, Instrument Case € 175,-* Instrument Case MLCases Korg Pa3X 76, Keyboards/Organ, KeyboardMLCases Korg Pa3X 76, Instrument Case € 199,-* Instrument Case MLCases Yamaha CP-4, Keyboards/Organ, KeyboardMLCases Yamaha CP-4, Instrument Case € 199,-* Trigger Roland RT-30H Acoustic Drum Trigger, Electronic Drums, Drums/PercussionRoland RT-30H Acoustic Drum Trigger, Trigger € 54,-* Wireless Systems LD-Systems U508 HHD2, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJLD-Systems U508 HHD2, Wireless Systems € 529,-* Wireless Pickups LD-Systems U508 BPG, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJLD-Systems U508 BPG, Wireless Pickups € 299,-* Mixer LD-Systems VIBZ 6 D, Mixer, PA/DJLD-Systems VIBZ 6 D, Mixer € 129,-* Mixer LD-Systems VIBZ 8 DC, Mixer, PA/DJLD-Systems VIBZ 8 DC, Mixer € 199,-* Electric Guitar Ibanez RGKP6-BK, Electric Guitars, Guitar/BassIbanez RGKP6-BK, Electric Guitar € 369,-* Laser Showtec Galactic Polar MKII DMX, Special FX, Light & StageShowtec Galactic Polar MKII DMX, Laser € 189,-* Pad Roland CY-12C V-Cymbal Crash, Electronic Drums, Drums/PercussionRoland CY-12C V-Cymbal Crash, Pad € 145,-* Recording Tool Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B., Effects, Guitar/BassTwo Notes Torpedo C.A.B., Recording Tool € 480,-* Stage Piano Dexibell Vivo S3, Digital Pianos, KeyboardDexibell Vivo S3, Stage Piano € 1.499,-* Tom Tom Gretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 8"x7" WBF, Drums, Drums/PercussionGretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 8"x7" WBF, Tom Tom € 219,-* Tom Tom Gretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 10"x8" WBF, Drums, Drums/PercussionGretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 10"x8" WBF, Tom Tom € 239,-* Bass Drum Gretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 22"x18" GN, Drums, Drums/PercussionGretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 22"x18" GN, Bass Drum € 779,-* Bass Drum Gretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 20"x16" WBF, Drums, Drums/PercussionGretsch Renown Purewood Walnut 20"x16" WBF, Bass Drum € 709,-* MIDI Controller Asparion D400 Bundle, MIDI, Studio/RecordingAsparion D400 Bundle, MIDI Controller € 869,-* MIDI Controller Asparion D400F, MIDI, Studio/RecordingAsparion D400F, MIDI Controller € 569,-* Drum Kit Tama Silverstar VI46CBCN-CI Cocktail-Jam, Drums, Drums/PercussionTama Silverstar VI46CBCN-CI Cocktail-Jam, Drum Kit € 799,-* CD Player Pioneer CDJ-900NXS, DJ Equipment, PA/DJPioneer CDJ-900NXS, CD Player € 1.399,-* Guitar Amp Head Friedman Jerry Cantrell JJ-100 BLK Signature, Amps, Guitar/BassFriedman Jerry Cantrell JJ-100 BLK Signature, Guitar Amp Head € 3.294,-* Guitar Effect Oddfellow Caveman Drive V2, Effects, Guitar/BassOddfellow Caveman Drive V2, Guitar Effect € 269,-* UV Wash Eurolite LED ACS BAR-12 UV 12x1 W, Lighting Solutions, Light & StageEurolite LED ACS BAR-12 UV 12x1 W, UV Wash € 135,-* Master Keyboard ROLI Seaboard Rise, Master Keyboards, KeyboardROLI Seaboard Rise, Master Keyboard € 799,-* Headphone Beyerdynamic DT 770 m, Headphones & Amps, Studio/RecordingBeyerdynamic DT 770 m, Headphone € 149,-* Keyboard Korg Pa-4X61 Oriental, Keyboards/Organ, KeyboardKorg Pa-4X61 Oriental, Keyboard € 2.999,-* Percussion stand Meinl TMPETS, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionMeinl TMPETS, Percussion stand € 169,-* Electric Bass Guitar Lakland Skyline J-Sonic 5 AG, Electric Basses, Guitar/BassLakland Skyline J-Sonic 5 AG, Electric Bass Guitar € 1.429,-* Electric Guitar Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster MN OWT, Electric Guitars, Guitar/BassFender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster MN OWT, Electric Guitar € 858,-* In-Ear Monitoring System Shure SE425-CL, In Ear Monitoring, PA/DJShure SE425-CL, In-Ear Monitoring System € 250,-* DJ-Controller Reloop Mixon 4, DJ Equipment, PA/DJReloop Mixon 4, DJ-Controller € 639,-* Audio interface MOTU Ultralite MK IV USB, Computer Hardware, Studio/RecordingMOTU Ultralite MK IV USB, Audio interface € 669,-* Electric Bass Guitar Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor 4-String Black High Gloss 2PH, Electric Basses, Guitar/BassSandberg Basic Ken Taylor 4-String Black High Gloss 2PH, Electric Bass Guitar € 1.149,-* Hi-Hat-Cymbal Istanbul Mehmet Legend 14'' HiHat, Cymbals, Drums/PercussionIstanbul Mehmet Legend 14'' HiHat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal € 239,-* Cajon Schlagwerk Agile base CP550, Percussion, Drums/PercussionSchlagwerk Agile base CP550, Cajon € 139,-* Guitar Amp Line 6 AMPLIFi 150, Amps, Guitar/BassLine 6 AMPLIFi 150, Guitar Amp € 389,-* Headphone Numark HF-Wireless, Headphones & Amps, Studio/RecordingNumark HF-Wireless, Headphone € 65,-* Active PA-Speakers Electro Voice EKX-15P B-Stock, Loudspeaker systems, PA/DJElectro Voice EKX-15P B-Stock, Active PA-Speakers € 799,-* Drum Kit Pearl Export EXX705NP/C #31, Drums, Drums/PercussionPearl Export EXX705NP/C #31, Drum Kit € 709,-* Drum Kit Pearl Reference Pure RFP-924XEP #377, Drums, Drums/PercussionPearl Reference Pure RFP-924XEP #377, Drum Kit € 2.999,-* Guitar Effect Wren and Cuff Caprid, Effects, Guitar/BassWren and Cuff Caprid, Guitar Effect € 299,-* Bass Amp Head Ampeg PF-20T, Amps, Guitar/BassAmpeg PF-20T, Bass Amp Head € 599,-* Guitar Amp Peavey Vypyr VIP 3, Amps, Guitar/BassPeavey Vypyr VIP 3, Guitar Amp € 349,-* Wireless Systems Shure GLXD24E/SM58-Z2, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJShure GLXD24E/SM58-Z2, Wireless Systems € 479,-* Drum Kit Yamaha Stage Custom Birch SBP-2F5RBL6 W, Drums, Drums/PercussionYamaha Stage Custom Birch SBP-2F5RBL6 W, Drum Kit € 949,-* Electric Guitar PRS CE24 AM, Electric Guitars, Guitar/BassPRS CE24 AM, Electric Guitar € 1.999,-* Guitar Amp Head EVH 5150 III 100S Stealth Head, Amps, Guitar/BassEVH 5150 III 100S Stealth Head, Guitar Amp Head € 1.899,-* Acoustic Guitar Seagull S6 Coastline CW Q1 Slim, Western Guitars, Guitar/BassSeagull S6 Coastline CW Q1 Slim, Acoustic Guitar € 669,-* Guitar Amp Fender Hot Rod DeVille III 410, Amps, Guitar/BassFender Hot Rod DeVille III 410, Guitar Amp € 1.099,-* Active PA-Speakers Electro Voice EKX-12P, Loudspeaker systems, PA/DJElectro Voice EKX-12P, Active PA-Speakers € 740,-* Guitar Effect Analog Alien Rumble Seat, Effects, Guitar/BassAnalog Alien Rumble Seat, Guitar Effect € 389,-* Bassdrum Pedal DW MCD Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal, Drum-Hardware, Drums/PercussionDW MCD Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal, Bassdrum Pedal € 580,-* Guitar Cabinet Orange PPC212 Open Back, 2x12", Amps, Guitar/BassOrange PPC212 Open Back, 2x12", Guitar Cabinet € 569,-* Drum Kit Pearl Decade Maple DMPR925S/C714, Drums, Drums/PercussionPearl Decade Maple DMPR925S/C714, Drum Kit € 849,-* Guitar Amp Head Ampete One, Amps, Guitar/BassAmpete One, Guitar Amp Head € 3.190,-* Drum Module Roland TM-2 Trigger Module, Electronic Drums, Drums/PercussionRoland TM-2 Trigger Module, Drum Module € 185,-* Disco Effect Cameo Superfly XS, Light effects, Light & StageCameo Superfly XS, Disco Effect € 75,-* Bass Amp Head EBS Reidmar 750, Amps, Guitar/BassEBS Reidmar 750, Bass Amp Head € 629,-* Active PA-Speakers dB Technologies Cromo 15+, Loudspeaker systems, PA/DJdB Technologies Cromo 15+, Active PA-Speakers € 230,-* Acoustic Guitar Martin Guitars GPCX1RAE, Western Guitars, Guitar/BassMartin Guitars GPCX1RAE, Acoustic Guitar € 799,-* Battery powered PA. Audiophony CR12-A, Loudspeaker systems, PA/DJAudiophony CR12-A, Battery powered PA. € 699,-* Accessories AAC 3HE Stahl schwarz, Cases/Racks/Acces., AccessoriesAAC 3HE Stahl schwarz, Accessories € 45,-* Active PA-Speakers Alto Truesonic TS-215A, Loudspeaker systems, PA/DJAlto Truesonic TS-215A, Active PA-Speakers € 349,-* Guitar Amp Head Orange OR100 Black, Amps, Guitar/BassOrange OR100 Black, Guitar Amp Head € 1.150,-* Wireless Systems Shure GLXD14E-Z2 B-Stock, Wireless-Mics/-Sets, PA/DJShure GLXD14E-Z2 B-Stock, Wireless Systems € 425,-* CD Player Reloop RMP-1 B-Stock, DJ Equipment, PA/DJReloop RMP-1 B-Stock, CD Player € 199,-* Acoustic Guitar Alvarez Artist ABT60E, Western Guitars, Guitar/BassAlvarez Artist ABT60E, Acoustic Guitar € 469,-* Theatre Spotlight Combi Range CM 05 PC Planconvex, Lighting Solutions, Light & StageSpotlight Combi Range CM 05 PC Planconvex, Theatre € 199,-* Electric Guitar Schecter Banshee Elite 7 FR S, Electric Guitars, Guitar/BassSchecter Banshee Elite 7 FR S, Electric Guitar € 1.690,-* Guitar Amp VOX VT40X, Amps, Guitar/BassVOX VT40X, Guitar Amp € 199,-* Bass Guitar Effect Ashdown Dr.Green Doctors Note, Effects, Guitar/BassAshdown Dr.Green Doctors Note, Bass Guitar Effect € 79,-* Alto Saxophone Conn AS-650 B-Ware, Saxophones, Brass & WoodwindConn AS-650 B-Ware, Alto Saxophone € 589,-* Guitar Amp Brunetti Singleman 16, Amps, Guitar/BassBrunetti Singleman 16, Guitar Amp € 1.250,-* Mouthpiece (brass) Bruno Tilz 210- S7 (USA), Mouthpieces, Brass & WoodwindBruno Tilz 210- S7 (USA), Mouthpiece (brass) € 45,-* Mouthpiece (brass) Bruno Tilz 210 - S6 1/2 (deutsch), Mouthpieces, Brass & WoodwindBruno Tilz 210 - S6 1/2 (deutsch), Mouthpiece (brass) € 45,-* Mouthpiece (brass) Bruno Tilz 200-1 1/4 E (Spezial), Mouthpieces, Brass & WoodwindBruno Tilz 200-1 1/4 E (Spezial), Mouthpiece (brass) € 45,-* Mouthpiece (brass) Bach 351 1 1/2C, Mouthpieces, Brass & WoodwindBach 351 1 1/2C, Mouthpiece (brass) € 65,-* Saxonett Jupiter JRS700G, Saxophones, Brass & WoodwindJupiter JRS700G, Saxonett € 77,-* Conga Latin Percussion Signature Top Tuning Raul Rekow Quinto, Percussion, Drums/PercussionLatin Percussion Signature Top Tuning Raul Rekow Quinto, Conga € 489,-* Disco Effect Cameo Voodoo 2-in-1 Effect, Light effects, Light & StageCameo Voodoo 2-in-1 Effect, Disco Effect € 159,-* Drum Kit Sonor Special Edition Martini SSE 14, Drums, Drums/PercussionSonor Special Edition Martini SSE 14, Drum Kit € 489,-* Stage Piano Kurzweil Forte 88, Digital Pianos, KeyboardKurzweil Forte 88, Stage Piano € 2.399,-*