Rico Royal Klar. 3,5

Rico Royal Klar. 3,5, Reeds

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Reeds • Instrument reeds: Böhm Clarinet • Reeds: Bamboo • Reed thickness: 3,5 • Shape: Filed • Content per carton: 10 • First class reed material • Premium reeds for clarinet at an amazingly affordable price. Quality, uniformity and dimensional stability. Designed for a wide variety of playing situations in all styles, Rico Royal is a high quality reed for discerning musicians. The price / performance ratio convinces every clarinetist. The French cut "French file" increases the rapid flexible approach, especially in the low register. It also increases the clarity of sound and facilitates a soft bumping. Available in packs of 10 reeds. - Strengths: 1 1/2 - 4 and 5, Half strengths - Music: full - French filed: yes - Wood quality: premium - Boehm Clarinet E#, B, alto, bass