Paiste Signature Reflector 18  Full

Paiste Signature Reflector 18" Full, Crash-Cymbal

Item number: 100020097
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Crash-Cymbal • Product code: Full Crash • Diameter: 18" (45,72 cm) • Alloy: Signature secret special alloy • Finish: Brilliant • Thickness: medium • Sound: Wider and clearer sound, high performance with more dynamic • Production: Hand chased • Crash from Paiste Signature Reflector series 18" Full crash Visual Characteristics of the Reflector Finish: As rhythm moves to the forefront of popular music, the musicianship and flamboyance of drummers often takes center stage in contemporary bands - right alongside the vocalists and guitar players. And it doesn´t really matter whether or not today´s drummers are ever showcased in a solo spotlight, or they simply keep a strong groove rocking down below - from the creative use of drum finishes to their high-tech cymbal arrays, the visual aspect of a drummer´s set-up is a vital component of a band´s stage presentation and show. Those drummers looking for a visually striking way to max-out their sound will discover a whole new range of creative possibilities in Paiste Reflector Cymbals. Lighting techs can achieve a wide range of different visual effects with Paiste Reflector Cymbals. Even under ordinary lighting, the radiant aura of Paiste Reflector Cymbals is visually compelling, and when their mirror-like reflective qualities are enhanced with various shades of colors and different styles of illumination, there are no limits to how they can be made to glisten and glow. Sonic Characteristics of the Reflector Finish: Paiste´s Signature Reflector cymbals basically share the same overall sonic parameters, feel and function as corresponding models with a regular lathed finish. The general effect of the Reflector finish on these cymbals is very subtle and may be summarized as follows: The sonic timbre and color of these instruments is somewhat lower, which makes the cymbals feel a bit darker. The frequency range is wider due to the lower pitch of the fundamental note and higher overtones at the upper end of the frequency spectrum. The frequency mix is cooler and cleaner, as the high, middle and lower frequencies are more distinctly layered, due to the less dominant character of the middle layer - the "voice" of the cymbal. The stick sound and bell character tend to be slightly more distinct and separated, while the Hi-Hat chick sound tends to be a bit softer, warmer and more compact. The duration of the cymbal´s sustain is relatively similar, but the midrange frequencies fade faster. The overall feel is substantially the same, but Crashes and Chinas tend to feel a bit softer and more controllable. Weight, volume range, transient response and dynamic intensity are virtually identical.