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Marantz PMD 661 MKII « Digital RecorderMarantz PMD 661 MKII, Digital Recorder€ 569,-* Marantz PMD 901V « Digital RecorderMarantz PMD 901V, Digital Recorder€ 419,-* Marantz PMD 620 MKII « Digital RecorderMarantz PMD 620 MKII, Digital Recorder€ 399,-*


Saul Marantz, an accomplished classical guitarist, founded Marantz with intention of improving the quality of audio equipment then available in the 1950s. Beginning with preamplifiers and power amplifiers, Marantz grew their line of music and audio recording technology products, offering turntables, speakers, and ultimately leading in the 80s to the first publicly announced CD player. Today, Marantz offers a host of professional and personal audio recording and playback devices. For premium CompactFlash, SD, and CD recorders, look no further than Marantz.