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Hitec Audio Giant Ear « HeadphoneHitec Audio Giant Ear, Headphone€ 29,-* Hitec Audio Ear Two « HeadphoneHitec Audio Ear Two, Headphone€ 9,90* Hitec Audio Fone Intro « HeadphoneHitec Audio Fone Intro, Headphone€ 3,90* Hitec Audio DIB2 « DI BoxHitec Audio DIB2, DI Box€ 29,90* Hitec Audio Fone Pro weiss « HeadphoneHitec Audio Fone Pro weiss, Headphone€ 16,90* Hitec Audio Fone Two « HeadphoneHitec Audio Fone Two, Headphone€ 13,90* Hitec Audio Fone Pro weiss/grün « HeadphoneHitec Audio Fone Pro weiss/grün, Headphone€ 16,90*

Hitec Audio

Hitec Audio has 20 years of experience in the field of PA systems, loudspeakers, studio microphones, microphone amplifiers, headphones and headphone amplifiers. The brand is part of Musik Produktive, with over 25 years of know-how and service.

Günter Zierenberg founded the company in Germany in 1974, initially for distributing and selling music instruments, soon own instruments were being produced following the project: “Music for a smart start” brands such as Hitec Audio, Magnum and Collins were launched, offering a high quality standard and guaranteeing a extreme low price.

Ever since the beginnings of Hitec Audio in 1984 the initial idea was to implement highly developed audio technologies into clever PA and studio equipment. Hitec audio started to produce processor controlled audio PA systems.

Inspired by the great success of the PA systems the Hitech Audio engineers started completing the range with studio microphone technology, microphone pre amplifiers, and headphones.

The wide range of Hitec Audio products include: Hitec-Audio HA400 amplifier, Hitec-Audio CAS250 active loudspeakers, Hitec-Audio Power-Pack I active loudspeaker, Hitec-Audio MP101 passive loudspeaker, Hitec-Audio MP122 passive loudspeaker, Hitec-Audio Fat Three Fat 3 microphone, Hitec-Audio Slim One Slim 1 microphone, Hitec-Audio CPM822TFX power mixer, Hitec-Audio PreMobile 2 preamp and many more.

Hitec-Audio impressively shows that a solid performance and great sound can be realised at an entry-level price.

Whilst developing new products the Hitech Audio specialists concentrate solely on the essentials. Special finishes, engraved logos, packaging or marketing agencies often create expenses higher than those of the product itself are not found on HiTech Audio products. The HiTech Audio developers rather spend time and money on creating products that sound like they should…. just fat! Hitec-Audios motto is to eagerly develop new products and technologies, and make them affordable und useable for everybody.