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Gretsch Original G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer « Electric GuitarGretsch Original G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer, Electric Guitar€ 3.980,-* Gretsch Electromatic G2220 Jr Jet Bass II B « Electric Bass GuitarGretsch Electromatic G2220 Jr Jet Bass II B, Electric Bass Guitar€ 333,-* Gretsch G5034TFT Rancher Bigsby « Acoustic GuitarGretsch G5034TFT Rancher Bigsby, Acoustic Guitar€ 839,-* Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Roundup Burst « Acoustic GuitarGretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Roundup Burst, Acoustic Guitar€ 198,-* Gretsch Electromatic G5445T Double Jet Bigsby « Electric GuitarGretsch Electromatic G5445T Double Jet Bigsby, Electric Guitar€ 566,-* Gretsch G9121 Tenor ACE « UkuleleGretsch G9121 Tenor ACE, Ukulele€ 289,-* Gretsch Koffer für G6241FT « Electric Guitar CaseGretsch Koffer für G6241FT, Electric Guitar Case€ 128,-* Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG 2016 SCW « Electric GuitarGretsch Electromatic G5422TG 2016 SCW, Electric Guitar€ 929,-* Gretsch G9450 Dixie 5-String « Bluegrass BanjoGretsch G9450 Dixie 5-String, Bluegrass Banjo€ 288,-* Gretsch G9460 Dixie 6 Guitar Banjo « Bluegrass BanjoGretsch G9460 Dixie 6 Guitar Banjo, Bluegrass Banjo€ 359,-* Gretsch Original G6120T Golden Era 1959 Chet Atkins « Electric GuitarGretsch Original G6120T Golden Era 1959 Chet Atkins, Electric Guitar€ 3.099,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2622T « Electric GuitarGretsch Streamliner G2622T, Electric Guitar€ 515,-* Gretsch Electromatic G5420T 2016 FBL « Electric GuitarGretsch Electromatic G5420T 2016 FBL, Electric Guitar€ 929,-* Gretsch Electromatic G5622T-CB Center Block « Electric GuitarGretsch Electromatic G5622T-CB Center Block, Electric Guitar€ 869,-* Gretsch G5013CE Rancher BLK « Acoustic GuitarGretsch G5013CE Rancher BLK, Acoustic Guitar€ 339,-* Gretsch G9221 Bobtail Steel RN « Dobro/ResonatorGretsch G9221 Bobtail Steel RN, Dobro/Resonator€ 799,-* Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy « Acoustic GuitarGretsch G9500 Jim Dandy, Acoustic Guitar€ 198,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2622  « Electric GuitarGretsch Streamliner G2622 , Electric Guitar€ 455,-* Gretsch Electromatic G2224 Jr Jet Bass TSB « Electric Bass GuitarGretsch Electromatic G2224 Jr Jet Bass TSB, Electric Bass Guitar€ 319,-* Gretsch G5031FT Rancher « Acoustic GuitarGretsch G5031FT Rancher, Acoustic Guitar€ 628,-* Gretsch GRE4168 SOLID ALUMINIUM « Snare drumGretsch GRE4168 SOLID ALUMINIUM, Snare drum€ 499,-* Gretsch Electromatic G9555 New Yorker Archtop « Electric GuitarGretsch Electromatic G9555 New Yorker Archtop, Electric Guitar€ 725,-* Gretsch G9126 ACE Guitar Uke « UkuleleGretsch G9126 ACE Guitar Uke, Ukulele€ 299,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2622T « Electric GuitarGretsch Streamliner G2622T, Electric Guitar€ 486,-* Gretsch Catalina Club CT1-R444-FB « Drum KitGretsch Catalina Club CT1-R444-FB, Drum Kit€ 849,-* Gretsch G9126 Guitar Uke « UkuleleGretsch G9126 Guitar Uke, Ukulele€ 219,-* Gretsch New Classic NC-E824-BSL « Drum KitGretsch New Classic NC-E824-BSL, Drum Kit€ 1.399,-* Gretsch USA Brooklyn 14" x 5,5" Red Oyster Snare « Snare drumGretsch USA Brooklyn 14" x 5,5" Red Oyster Snare, Snare drum€ 499,-* Gretsch USA Custom Turquoise Glass « Drum KitGretsch USA Custom Turquoise Glass, Drum Kit€ 4.549,-* Gretsch Electromatic G5435T Pro Jet Bigsby BLK « Electric GuitarGretsch Electromatic G5435T Pro Jet Bigsby BLK, Electric Guitar€ 549,-* Gretsch G9120-SK Tenor Koa « UkuleleGretsch G9120-SK Tenor Koa, Ukulele€ 529,-* Gretsch G9201 Honey Dipper Roundneck « Dobro/ResonatorGretsch G9201 Honey Dipper Roundneck, Dobro/Resonator€ 615,-* Gretsch Park Avenue « Bluegrass MandolinGretsch Park Avenue, Bluegrass Mandolin€ 678,-* Gretsch Silver Series S1-0612-ASHT « Snare drumGretsch Silver Series S1-0612-ASHT, Snare drum€ 155,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2622 LH « LefthandGretsch Streamliner G2622 LH, Lefthand€ 515,-* Gretsch G100CEBK Synchromatic Cutaway Black « Electric GuitarGretsch G100CEBK Synchromatic Cutaway Black, Electric Guitar€ 1.099,-* Gretsch G-4000 G-4164-SS Solid Steel « Snare drumGretsch G-4000 G-4164-SS Solid Steel, Snare drum€ 649,-* Gretsch G5700 Lap Steel « Electric GuitarGretsch G5700 Lap Steel, Electric Guitar€ 395,-* Gretsch G9470 Clarophone Banjo Ukulele « UkuleleGretsch G9470 Clarophone Banjo Ukulele, Ukulele€ 295,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2655T « Electric GuitarGretsch Streamliner G2655T, Electric Guitar€ 449,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2655T WST « Electric GuitarGretsch Streamliner G2655T WST, Electric Guitar€ 449,-* Gretsch Barhocker 30 Zoll « GiftsGretsch Barhocker 30 Zoll, Gifts€ 89,-* Gretsch Electromatic G5435LH Pro Jet BLK « LefthandGretsch Electromatic G5435LH Pro Jet BLK, Lefthand€ 489,-* Gretsch G9100 L Soprano « UkuleleGretsch G9100 L Soprano, Ukulele€ 155,-* Gretsch G9110 Standard Concert « UkuleleGretsch G9110 Standard Concert, Ukulele€ 169,-* Gretsch G9210 Boxcar Squareneck « Dobro/ResonatorGretsch G9210 Boxcar Squareneck, Dobro/Resonator€ 444,-* Gretsch Renown Maple RN1-5514S-SB « Snare drumGretsch Renown Maple RN1-5514S-SB, Snare drum€ 289,-* Gretsch Signature S-6514A-SF Steve Ferrone « Snare drumGretsch Signature S-6514A-SF Steve Ferrone, Snare drum€ 482,-* Gretsch G9120 Tenor STD « UkuleleGretsch G9120 Tenor STD, Ukulele€ 185,-* Gretsch GREPAD12O « Practice PadGretsch GREPAD12O, Practice Pad€ 34,50* Gretsch GREPAD6O « Practice PadGretsch GREPAD6O, Practice Pad€ 22,90* Gretsch Koffer Gretsch G6243 « Electric Guitar CaseGretsch Koffer Gretsch G6243, Electric Guitar Case€ 149,-* Gretsch Koffer Gretsch G6292 « Electric Guitar CaseGretsch Koffer Gretsch G6292, Electric Guitar Case€ 111,-* Gretsch Retro-Lux S1-6514RLX-PB « Snare drumGretsch Retro-Lux S1-6514RLX-PB, Snare drum€ 249,-* Gretsch S-0514-BRH « Snare drumGretsch S-0514-BRH, Snare drum€ 454,60* Gretsch Signature S1-0612-MS Mark Schulman « Snare drumGretsch Signature S1-0612-MS Mark Schulman, Snare drum€ 315,-* Gretsch Signature Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) Snare « Snare drumGretsch Signature Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) Snare, Snare drum€ 249,-* Gretsch Streamliner G2655 FSS « Electric GuitarGretsch Streamliner G2655 FSS, Electric Guitar€ 445,-* Gretsch Feedbackbuster « Soundhole CoverGretsch Feedbackbuster, Soundhole Cover€ 13,-* Gretsch GR-TAWC « Tom MountGretsch GR-TAWC, Tom Mount€ 86,-*


Friedrich Gretsch started making banjos, tambourins and drums in Brooklyn in 1883. Unfortunately he died in 1895 at the age of 39, his son Fred took over the company.

Gretsch had tremendous success from around the mid 50´s. Fred’s sons, Fred jr. and Bill were running the company and introducing innovative new E-guitars, like the model 6120 and the white falcon. The most important contribution to the brands success was made by Chet Atkins, one of the most influential guitarists of the time. Thanks to his endorsements Gretsch hat a real chance to take on such famous companies as Fender and Gibson.

Many rockabilly guitarists such as Eddie Cochran chose Gretsch models, furthermore Gene Vincent guitarist Cliff Gallop and Elvis Presley himself chose Gretsch as their main instrument. Gretsch soon became a real rival to Gibson and their rivals Fender and Rickenbacker.

A further lucky coincidence was that George Harrison performed on the Ed Sullivan show in the mid 60´s using a Country Gentleman, In the following 12 months, the number of Country Gentleman guitars sold in a 12-month period jumped from the mid-fifties to over 2,000

Beginning in 1966, Gretsch had weekly television exposure when the company supplied the guitars and drums for The Monkees. This had an effect analogous to Jimi Hendrix´s adoption of the Stratocaster and Eric Clapton´s of the Gibson Les Paul; Gretsch was unable to keep up with demand.

Gretsch drums were very popular with jazz and rockdrummers of those times. A famous Gretsch drum range was called Broadkaster and this was the reasonn that Leo Fender had to change the name of his first solid body guitar from “Broadcaster” to “ Telecaster”

Unfortunately, Fred never found an adequate successor, and in 1967 Gretsch was sold to Baldwin Pianos, becoming a subsidiary. Gretsch´s name lost prestige as its models were seen as cheapening and their signature styles fell out of fashion. Factory fires in the early 1970s caused serious problems, and production was finally halted by Baldwin in 1981. In 1989, the Gretsch family once again acquired their namesake company, and production began anew. Models throughout the 1990s were high-quality but expensive and mostly consisted of classic models.

In the 1980s, rockabilly revival player Brian Setzer rekindled interest in the brand with his band the Stray Cats—he now has his own signature model. Chris Isaak´s emergence into mainstream rock & roll radio only added to the fuel. His band, Silvertone, boasted a signature Gretsch sound which
attracted the likes of renowned film director David Lynch

Billy Zoom of X played a Silver Jet, while in rock, Malcolm Young of AC/DC played a double cut Jet Firebird (with the top finish stripped off and one pickup removed), and White Falcon (as seen in the video "Back in Black") during the band´s career. U2 lead singer Bono´s signature guitar is an "Irish Falcon", green in colour with the phrase ´The Goal Is Soul´ printed on the pickguard in black text.

Finally, in 2003, Gretsch and Fender reached an agreement giving Fender most control over production and distribution of guitars. New models and improvements of old ones are being released quickly, and Gretsch appears on its way to a new golden age. The Gretsch family continues its involvement in the drum business, which is now part of the Kaman Music Corporation of musical instrument companies. Gretsch drums are reputed to sound as good as ever