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Gibson Collector's Choice #14 "Wachtel Burst" « Electric GuitarGibson Collector's Choice #14 "Wachtel Burst", Electric Guitar€ 4.698,-* Gibson Collector's Choice #24 "Nicky" « Electric GuitarGibson Collector's Choice #24 "Nicky", Electric Guitar€ 8.444,-* Gibson Collector's Choice #29 "Tamio Okuda" « Electric GuitarGibson Collector's Choice #29 "Tamio Okuda", Electric Guitar€ 5.490,-* Gibson Collector's Choice #34 "Blackburst « Electric GuitarGibson Collector's Choice #34 "Blackburst, Electric Guitar€ 6.999,-* Gibson Collector's Choice #39 Minnesota Burst « Electric GuitarGibson Collector's Choice #39 Minnesota Burst, Electric Guitar€ 9.998,-*

Collector's Choice

With the Collector's Choice series introduced in 2010, Gibson has landed a massive hit. Following the success of the 1:1 copies of guitars played by celebrities such as Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page or Gary Rossington, the Collector's Choice series extends the portofolio by offering 1:1 copies of vintage Les Pauls, which are owned by collectors and hence not that popular (yet), but nevertheless are fantastic instruments. The efforts involved in this procedure are almost beyond any imagination. The most important aspect of a Collector's Choice is, that the original guitar gets scanned by a laser. To execute this, the guitar either comes to Gibson, or Gibson comes to the guitar. Whatever is mandatory to receive a copy as perfect as possible, will be done. The tiniest details of each model are meticulously documented and reproduced because, as Custom Shop Historic Program Manager Edwin Wilson states, "our customers would never detect these details on the original guitar by themselves, but they expect us to do so."