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Novina A325 « Drum StrapNovina A325, Drum Strap€ 14,90*


Novina is a Dutch manufacturer of authentic musical percussion instruments. All instruments are entirely hand-crafted, Rainmaker, djembes, shakers, hand drums, gong drums, Agogobells and matching shoulder straps.

Since the dawn of history Novina is in direct contact with the product manufacturers. They are visited annually to discuss plans for the future. The primary objective of Novina is to offer the best possible quality for good prices to its customers. Just as important for the company is that their employees work under good social conditions.

Continuous product development is a key element of its success. Novina is constantly looking for new concepts, new accessories, and new ways to market their products as customer-friendly as possible. In short, Novina delivers quality goods at affordable prices!