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  • Main Feature: Midfield monitor
  • Technology: 2-Way active
  • Components: 8" Woofer and 1" tweeter
  • Amplifier output per channel: 150 + 50 watts
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 38 Hz - 50 kHz
  • Analog inputs: XLR balanced, ¼ “ jack and RCA (unbalanced)
  • Special Features: A.R.T. tweeter
  • External Dimensions: 400 x 255 x 320 mm
  • Weight per speaker: 13 kg
  • Optional Subwoofer: Adam Sub 10 100028603
  • Price & packaging unit: 1 Piece
  • Bi-Amped nearfield and midfield monitor speaker with X-ART tweeter and 8.5-inch midwoofer

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ADAM A8X · Active Monitor

The Adam A8X studio monitor is compact yet powerful suitable for both nearfield and midfield monitoring. With a price/performance ratio that could hardly be better, this monitor is a perfect entry into these monitoring fields. Upper corners of the A8X are slanted to minimize distortion causing reflections. Large double bass reflex ports for extended bass response. On the rear panel are a ± 4dB gain control for the high frequencies, two shelf filters for the high and low frequencies, and both XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced connectors.

The Adam A8X is equipped with the X-ART tweeter and a large 8.5-inch midwoofer, a combination that adds both a very deep and yet very tight bass response to the unsurpassed reproduction qualities of the ADAM proprietary tweeter. Linear 50-Watt Class-AB amplifier for the tweeter and a 150-Watt high efficiency Class-D Pulse Width Modulation amplifier for the midwoofer.

  • Nearfield and midfield monitor speaker
  • X-ART tweeter and 8.5-inch midwoofer
  • 50-Watt Class-AB tweeter amplifier
  • 150-Watt high efficiency Class-D PWM midwoofer amplifier
  • Upper corners slanted to minimize distortion causing reflections
  • Large double bass reflex ports
  • ±4dB gain for the high frequencies
  • Two shelf filters for the high and low frequencies
  • XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced connectors

Active Monitor · ADAM A8X

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